Roscrea Cardiac Responders Group is a volunteer organisation
which was started in January 2014 with a donation of a
Defibrillator by the Irish Red Cross. From January 2014 the
organisation has worked tirelessly with training two nights a
week to all our fellow responders up to the highest quality of
training. Due to this training and dedication, we currently have 3
fully trained Instructors available to provide A.E.D. & C.P.R. classes.

The group went live with the H.S.E. on March 12th 2015. We are
on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. What this means is that
if a call comes into the National Ambulance Control Centre for
Heart Attack, Chest Pain, Cardiac Arrest, or Stroke, the responders will
be dispatched to the scene by receiving a message by phone.
The organisation has a minimum of two highly
trained responders on call on a daily basis. We have a rota
system in place on a weekly and monthly basis.

In its 1st year the group has responded to over fifty calls.
Community First Responders are trained by our organisation to
perform lifesaving treatment and they are always backed up by
the nearest available ambulance.

Community First Responders answer calls in their
neighbourhood, therefore, the potential for them to arrive on
scene before an ambulance, especially in rural areas is vital in
providing lifesaving treatment. These precious minutes in the
event of Heart Attack, Stroke, Cardiac Arrest or choking, help to
save lives, which is why C.F.R.ís are such a vital and valuable
voluntary service and resource within our community.

We respond to calls within a 5 kilometer radius of Roscrea, as shown below.